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The EM Bar – Beach Road Pattaya

The EM Bar is one of the smaller Pattaya beer bars

The EM Bar is one of the smaller Pattaya beer bars

One Pattaya beer bar that’s always a pleasure to visit is the EM Bar up on the corner of Beach Road and Soi 7.  The Pattaya girls that work in this beer bar are some of the friendliest and fun girls on the beach Road strip. Don’t expect a whole bunch of bar girls, though, you’ll probably only find four or five at the most. EM bar is a pleasant place to stop in for an afternoon cold one.

One of the friendly Pattaya girls at EM Bar

One of the friendly bar girls at EM Bar

The EM Bar is one of the smallest beer bars on the beach road strip. As you enter they have a fully stocked bar on the right hand side of the room. They carry all of the local Thai beers and they stock all of the major liquor imports as well. There are stools at the bar so you can belly up to the bar if you want. On the left are three small tables with rattan lounge chairs. That’s it, and that’s OK. It’s a nice change of pace from the large beer bar operations all over town.

The girls are attentive and there’s absolutely no pressure to buy lady drinks at all. Drink prices are in line with the rest of the beer bars in the area and they even serve up complimentary peanuts.

I like to stop in whenever I’m up in that part of town during the daytime. It makes for a relaxing pit stop. I prefer to sit right at the front table by the sidewalk where I can watch the world pass by. Check it out, I recommend it.

12 comments to The EM Bar – Beach Road Pattaya

  • Melly

    I had some great fun with girls from em bar , the girl on this page , i give my up most assurance that full satisfaction will be had for 1000 baht incl B/f ,

  • 4hourMike

    Thanks for your input, Melly. I agree, these girls are a good time, every time.

  • Maverick-USA

    I had a really good time with the cashier Jum , for a 1000baht she satisfies and showed me a good time…

  • Melly

    I Agree Maverick , I too Had jum and she raped me violently , She’s awesome :)

  • Toby

    I Agree Melly , The girls in Em Bar are awesome , The cashier just slapped me so i gather she likes it rough :)

  • i went to em bar and i asked nee about jum i got slapped and told to leave befor i die ????????

  • Decent

    The view of sea from bar is really very beautiful. The girls working in the bar are very honest. Do not always think to take girls for a ride. Enjoy the view from the bar while having any drink.

  • ronnie king kong

    Em Bar is the best bar in Thailand Girls are great fun and beautiful…The girl s photo on this sight is the most beautiful girl in Thailand….King Kong miss you girls muk muk haha

  • ronnie king kong

    Does anyone have the Em Bar phone number please

  • what happened to jum at em bar ?
    is it true she fell in love with an aussie guy and left the bar ?
    i really loved her.

  • 4hourMike

    Dan, I have no idea where she went. Maybe another site visitor can check in with a comment. Jum was well liked by all of the EM Bar patrons. Nice girl.


    Em Bar is where i hang out mostly fro jut before dark till closing almost everyday when in pattaya.Wish I was ther now.Hello Em

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