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Tahitian Queen is Pattaya’s home of Rock and Roll

Tahitian Queen Rock n Roll Bar

Tahitian Queen Rock n Roll Bar

If you’re looking for rock n roll music in Pattaya, The Tahitian Queen Rock & Roll Bar is where you can find it. This Pattaya go go has been around since the end of the Vietnam War and it’s still rockin strong. Most of the local expats who hang out there refer to it affectionately as the “TQ”. The Pattaya girls of the Tahitian Queen are just as rockin as the music.

The Tahitian Queen is just about the only Pattaya go go that opens in the early afternoon. If you’re strolling down Beach Road on a hot day and want to get out of the sun for a dose of A/C, this is the perfect place. It’s also perfect if you’ve just arrived in town and are looking for some daytime action before Walking Street gets going.

One of the lovely Pattaya girls of the Tahitian Queen

One of the lovely Pattaya girls of the Tahitian Queen

The TQ is home to a couple of local motorcycle clubs and it’s not uncommon to spot some of the big bikes in town parked right out front. In fact, if you’re not sure just where the Tahitian Queen is located, just walk up Beach Road until you spot the Harleys across from the beach.

The Tahitian Queen is located on Beach Road right between Soi 12 and Soi 13. You really can’t miss it. Don’t expect any great big neon signs, though. It’s more laid back than that.

At first glace, from the outside, you might get the impression that nothing much is happening there. But once you draw back the black curtain that covers the doorway and step inside, the party begins.

The main stage at the Tahitian is right in the middle of the room. It’s a narrow stage and the Pattaya go go girls dance side by side. It’s long enough for about eight girls to dance at a time. After a dance, the girl on the end will step off the stage and a new girl will get up on the stage at the other end.

You’ll always find plenty of Pattaya girls at the Tahitian Queen. They work in two shifts, a daytime shift and a second night shift. If I remember correctly, the night shift comes on around 6pm. So, if you time it right, you can see both shifts. The TQ has some real stunners.

If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast you should definitely make the Tahitian Queen your first stop in Pattaya. Even if you’re not into big bikes, the TQ is a great place to relax on a hot day just to watch  the Pattaya girls dancing to some good ole rock n roll.

7 comments to Tahitian Queen is Pattaya’s home of Rock and Roll

  • benny

    great place to go. but a shame you not update the pictures on the website so we can enjoy it when we go back home !!

  • koonsaem

    Nice looking web page.I wish the actual experiencing of TQ1 was equal to the hype, as I’ve been pattaya since ’88.
    The DJ is a sadist.Champion or sweetheart or TQ2 has 10 times as many good songs played as TQ1.Sorry to say.All I have to do is walk by to sense the bad vibe. farang managers are nice enough but seem clueless.Good luck.

  • koonsaem

    Play better music! You know, that sound that some bars play that makes the toe tap.

  • jesse


  • Jimmy

    I always pay the girls a visit when I am in town on ‘business’….. best place in town….be there soon again…tell em jimmy is coming

  • 4hourMike

    Jimmy, no problem, I’ll let ‘em know that you’re on the way. They have a few new ones waiting for you as well.

  • russell marriott

    My favourite bar on the planet!!! will be there in one week.

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