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Saigon Girl Bar – Pattaya Soi 6

Pattaya Saigon Girl

Pattaya Saigon Girl

Just about the best short-time bar in Pattaya is Saigon Girl Bar on Soi 6. I know that a lot of guys don’t care for the action up on Pattaya Soi 6. It’s just too in-your-face for some. But if you’re looking for a good time in the afternoon, Saigon Girl Bar is there to please. They proudly advertise “Cold Beer and Hot Pussy”.

I like it because, for one, it’s cleaner than most of the Pattaya short time bars on Soi 6. No kidding, the girls are always dressed up nice. They change the style of their costumes and hairstyles everyday. The rooms upstairs are well kept and the whole operation just seems better, not as sleazy.

The Pattaya Girls are friendly at Saigon Girl Bar on Soi 6

The Pattaya Girls are friendly at Saigon Girl Bar on Soi 6

Saigon Girl is located on Soi 6 right up at the Pattaya 2 end of the street. You can ride the baht bus north up Pattaya 2 and get off just before Big-C. Walk down Soi 6 heading towards the beach and Saigon Girl will be the first short-time bar on your left.

You’ll always find at least 10 girls sitting out front, just dying to meet you. All of the girls wear the same outfits based upon the theme of the day. I’ve seen them in red dresses, in black dresses, white daisy-dukes, nurse outfits, you name it. It’s fun to go up there just to see what they’re wearing – or not wearing.

They have four clean rooms upstairs.

It's worth a trip to Saigon Girl just to see the outfits.

It's worth a trip to Saigon Girl just to see the outfits.

Prices are in line with all of the fine Soi Sex establishments, 300 baht bar fine and 700 baht short-time and that includes the room. Condoms are free of charge. You can have a hell of an afternoon all for under 1500 baht when you figure in beer and lady drinks. Bottled beers are only 75 baht and you can buy the girls any drink on the menu for just 30 baht more than the regular price.

Don’t forget to take your camera along when you make any trip up to Soi 6. The girls up there don’t mind being photographed and you can take home some nice memories to show the boys back home.

Just as a reminder, the bars on Pattaya Soi 6 are daytime venues. The best time is early afternoon. It’s definitely not the place to be at night.

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