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Pattaya Girls of Heaven Above GoGo

Heaven Above-Pattaya Girl DancerThe Pattaya girls at Heaven Above go go provide some of the best eye candy in town. A night at Heaven Above is a laid-back experience that can best be described as hassle free.  These girls know how to please without being pushy.

If you’re looking for a Pattaya go go where there is absolutely no pressure to buy lady drinks and the ladies don’t come by unless they’re called, then this is the gogo bar for you.

A lot of complaints have been made about go go bars where the Pattaya girls hassle you for drinks. How many times have you gone into a bar in Pattaya and as soon as you sit down, some hag comes up and plops her ass down beside you and immediately asks for a lady drink? Then there are the places where the mamasan tries to hook you up with one girl or another within five minutes of your coming through the door.

It’s definitely NOT like that at Heaven Above. This is one Pattaya go go where you can relax and enjoy the show with no hassle. Not one Pattaya girl at Heaven Above will sit with you unless you ask her to. They don’t push drinks on you either. This place is truly heaven in that regard.

Take the Stairway to Heaven

Take the Stairway to Heaven

Heaven Above go go is located on the right hand side of Soi Diamond, right in front of the Diamond Beach Hotel. It’s on the second floor so you have to walk up the “Stairway to Heaven” to get to the entrance. What you find once you get up there is well worth the climb.

The interior of the club isn’t really that big. It’s just the right size, as far as I’m concerned, to provide a nice intimate atmosphere with the Pattaya girls that work there. The color scheme is white with mirrors on all of the walls. It’s a nice clean bright room that has a high-class feel to it, not at all sleazy.

The girls are fabulous. They’re young, slim, and basically drop-dead beautiful.

The main stage is right in the middle of the room. They offer seating right down front on small round white stools. I prefer to sit on the bench seats that line the walls. There’s a small glass-top table in front of each seating area.

Pattaya Girl-Heaven Above

Pattaya Girl-Heaven Above

There are usually at least seven dancers on the main stage at all times and you can count on the fact that at least one of them will be dancing totally nude, usually the best looking one. I really like this place!

Besides the main stage, there are three small one-girl stages, located on each wall of the club. They always have a totally nude Pattaya girl dancing on one of these smaller stages and she will be a stunner.

Now here’s where it gets even better… the drink prices are reasonable. In fact, a shot of Sang Som is only 50 baht and lady drinks are 115 baht.

So you have reasonable drink prices, dynamite looking girls, and no hassles. Guys, you should definitely make this one of your first stops on any trip to Pattaya.

2 comments to Pattaya Girls of Heaven Above GoGo

  • Adrian

    I just came home from Patts and I must say Heaven above is one of the best go go bars I have been to however it is not true that the girls don’t come to you unless you ask them to and also the part about the hassel free drink part. On my first visit, it didn’t take more than 10 minutes (tops) before one of the ladies introduced herself to me and started to chat with me. She didn’t ask for drinks though. After 20 minutes give or take, the service staff first one of them and then another started to ask for drinks and I was in a very good mood so I said OK. I can’t say I felt pressured but they were a bit pushy and what did bother me was when a third one (from the service staff) also started to ask for drinks. I said no but she came again and again until she asked the go go dancer I was sitting with to convince me to buy her a drink. I must say that little annoying moment won’t keep me from going there again on my next visit and I still think Heaven above is one of the very best places and I dearly recommend anyone to give it a visit.

  • 4hourMike

    Adrian, Thanks for the update. Things must be changing at Heaven Above. Of course, right now is the low season, so maybe some of the girls are getting desperate. They do have some nice stunners there.

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