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Bisexual Pattaya Girls of Devil’s Den

Look for this sign in front of Devil's Den in Pattaya

Look for this sign in front of Devil's Den in Pattaya

There’s no other venue in Pattaya like the Devil’s Den. It’s not your typical Pattaya bar. In fact, it’s really not a bar at all. The Devil’s Den in Pattaya offers a totally unique experience. The Devil’s Den specializes in threesomes with bisexual Pattaya girls. If you want to have a threesome in Pattaya, the Devil’s Den is the place to go.

Let me make this clear, guys, this is not just your typical short time with two Pattaya girls. The Devil’s Den will wear you out. The girls that work there are guaranteed to be totally bisexual. They are experts at what they do and what they do best is cater to your every whim.

The Devil’s Den is located in central Pattaya in the LK entertainment area which is close to the corner of Soi 13 and Soi Buakao.

Look for the archway leading into the LK Entertainment area.

Look for the archway leading into the LK Entertainment area.

If you’re on Pattaya 2 Road, look for Kiss Food & Drink, walk east up Soi 13 until you come to the archway on the left leading into the LK entertainment area.

Here’s how it works. As you approach the Devil’s Den, you’ll notice a bunch of beautiful Pattaya girls hanging around the tables out in front. They’re friendly and will probably greet you as you approach the door. Upon entering, the first thing you’ll notice is that there is no one else in the bar. You’ll be the only customer in an empty bar.

You’ll be greeted by a friendly young American named John who will explain what the Devil’s Den is all about. The Devil’s Den is an all inclusive service. For the set price of 3,600 baht you’ll have the opportunity to spend 90 minutes with two bisexual girls. The price includes the room, bar fine, and the girls. Drinks, of course, are extra. It’s the best deal for a threesome in Pattaya.

If you like what you hear from John and you want to proceed, then he’ll usher in the ladies. In they come. They’re the ones that were hanging around out front. They march into the bar in a line. In fact, it’s a line-up. There they are, the bisexual girls of Devi’s Den, all lined up and smiling at you, waiting for you to make your choice.

The Devil’s Den has a large yellow line painted on the floor of the bar. The girls standing to the right of the line enjoy anal sex. The girls standing to the left of the yellow line do not.

So, now is when you make your choice. You can choose whichever two girls you like or you can choose just one and let her choose the second girl. You really can’t go wrong here. Once you’ve made your choice, the other girls leave the bar area. Your two picks will then escort you up to the room. You don’t pay until you leave.

The rooms are located next door to the Devil’s Den at the Heaven Hotel. The rooms are well appointed with a huge bed. They are immaculately clean. The rooms have air conditioning and a large bathroom with hot water. There is a large flat screen TV on the wall with a DVD player for movies or music. The walls and ceilings are mirrored.

Each room also comes with an assortment of “toys”. There are dildos, vibrators, and all sorts of strap-on devices. There is a rope swing hanging from the ceiling along with various rings and things. They also offer some leather bondage implements, if you’re into that sort of thing. Guys, let me tell you, it’s a one-room fantasy land.

Once you make it to the room, your experience begins. The girls will take care of everything.

If you’ve never experienced a threesome before and want to do it right, go directly to the Devil’s Den in Pattaya. You won’t regret it.

The Devil’s Den recently added a VIP van service to and from Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. They have a custom van that’s totally tricked out. The have a “full service” package deal that includes two girls, drinks, and the ride from the Bangkok airport to Pattaya.

120 comments to Bisexual Pattaya Girls of Devil’s Den

  • 4hourMike

    sunder, I’ve never taken the VIP van.

  • 4hourMike

    firecat, you bet your ass they would!

  • Sir,I like to meet lady who can squirt.Dennis

  • footy

    I’ll be there in 2 weeks.
    I’ve a foot fetish and saw “foot worship“ in the ladies service menue.
    I think this is not so popular and frequent, but …are the girls experienced and good and like it at DD?

  • 4hourMike

    footy, I don’t know about that one. You’ll have to ask the girls themselves at the lineup.

  • Jyo

    Is this service for the whole night or only for limited time?

  • 4hourMike

    Jyo, each session is 90 minutes.

  • Scott69697

    Thinking of getting a girl to join me and my wife but at out Hotel is this the same price and will they perform acts on my wife or only girls from dd ??

  • Bubba

    Can I bring my bisexual pinay girlfriend? What is the fee?

  • 4hourMike

    Scot, that sounds like a great idea! The girls will definitely show your wife a good time. You’ll have to contact DD directly for a price, but it will be comparable to the in-house price.

  • 4hourMike

    Bubba, you’ll have to contact DD directly for the price.

  • Oney

    Are we supposed to tip the girls? I know in Eden Bangkok, there wasn’t any. If so, how much is considered to be a normal tip.

  • Latino Guy 343

    I looking forward to visit Pattaya next week. I read all threads comments.Since In postibg this June 2013 is all the responses about DD remains same. I would appreciate a reply

  • 4hourMike

    Latino Guy 343, Devil’s Den hasn’t changed.

  • 4hourMike

    Oney, the girls at Devils Den expect to get tips. If you had a good time 100 baht is cool.

  • Mangrai

    I have tried a treesom several times now and would like to try something more. I would like to take 3 or 4 girls to my hotelroom, but the hotel I always use dont have any big rooms. I can see you use the Heaven hotel near the DD. so my quistion is: would it be possible to rent a room there for maby 2 days and bring 3 or 4 girls. And because I would like at least a full day experience, I would like a big room, proferable with one livingroom and one bedroom. Would that be possible in Heaven Hotel or maby some other place you know about ??

  • 4hourMike

    Mangrai, You’ll have to contact the Devil’s Den directly to get an answer to that. But, my guess is that anything is possible.

  • 4hourMike

    Mangrai, You’ll have to contact the Devil’s Den directly to get an answer to your question. But my guess is that anything is possible.

  • tom

    Went lastnight they were closed for song kran holliday realy disappointed was looking forward to it now ill have take my chances with some other girls

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