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Pattaya Freelance Girls on Beach Road

Banned From YouTube!

Yes, friends, our video of the Pattaya freelancers was banned from YouTube last week. I guess it’s just too racey for the average YouTube visitor. I received an email with a warning not to post anymore like it.  But, not to worry, we found another host and…

You can watch it here. Enjoy!

Pattaya Freelance Girls on Beach Road

Beach Road is famous for all of the Pattaya freelance girls that hang out there. You can find a Pattaya freelancer on Beach Road at just about anytime of the day or night. The other day I decided to take a short walk along the beach just to see what kinds of freelance girls that were out and about.

I used a hidden spy pen camera stuck in my shirt pocket to make this short video. My walk took place between 5pm and 6pm. You can see from the video that there is no shortage of Pattaya freelance girls on the strip at this time of day and they are just dying to meet you. I hope you enjoy it.

Guys ask me all the time, “How do you meet Pattaya freelancers?” Well, as you see from the video, it’s not hard to meet the girls at all. Don’t worry about what to say. Just walk up to the freelancers and say “Hi”. The girls will take care of the rest.

This is the spy pen camera used to film the Pattaya freelance gilrs of Beach Road

This is the spy pen camera used to film the Pattaya freelance gilrs of Beach Road

This nifty spy pen camera hides nicely in a shirt pocket.

This nifty spy pen camera hides nicely in a shirt pocket.

47 comments to Pattaya Freelance Girls on Beach Road

  • sam

    ur the boss!

    i have never been with a FL always with a gogo bar girl .. now i feel how much money i lost ..
    nect trip will be FLS and beer bar girls .lol

    thanks mate .respect all ur hardwork

  • 4hourMike

    Thanks for the compliment, Sam. Enjoy your trip!

  • Khen

    Great site you horny bastard!
    Cheers from Sweden.

  • Bob

    The video is not working. It has been removed.

  • 4hourMike

    Sorry about that, Bob. We were hosting it on YouTube and it got banned. Now we have it up and running again on the new host.

  • promy

    Takes me straight there. Good one. I’ve used the Beach girls for years. Had some bad BUT mostly good and had some fantastic. Especially when you learn to spot the newer (genuine amateur) girls. I prefer the 30 to 40 year olds myself for a good experience. Makes me smile that most of them have a very similar script. I’ve never used the 100 Baht rooms as recommended by them though. I assume they are just inside the Sois 12 to 13/2 above the shops and Bars. Keep whoring.

  • pike

    i go whith the beach girls all the time,never had any problems some of them are really good,and only 500 bhat,i take them to my room ,the 100 bhat rooms are not so good ….

  • Bart

    As my friend says: ‘this is a good shit’! This video really shows what is going on. Just one thing worth mentioning – while the night progresses it is not you asking girls where they go. If you are single, white male half of the girls standing there will approach you asking if you want to take them! Great video guys!!!

  • Nick

    Hi I am going to Pattaya for the first time in June for 2 weeks, I am on my own and a bit nervous , worried about picking up a Ladyboy by mistake and is it OK to take a Freelance girl back to hotel room, does anyone know if AMARI ORCHID RESORT HOTEL is girl friendly, any advice and recommendations would be much appreciated


  • 4hourMike

    Don’t worry too much about the ladyboys. Their voice is a dead giveaway, that’s the one thing they can’t change. They all sound like Michael Jackson on a bad day.

    You can absolutely take a freelance girl back to your room. They’re a lot of fun. Make sure everything you own is nailed down or in the safe. Just keep enough money in your pocket for payment and tip. You’ll be fine.

    Amari Orchid is NOT girl friendly. You’ll have to pay a fee for your girl. I think they charge 1000 baht for guests. Complete rip-off.

  • Nick

    Thanks Mike

    I have got myself all worried about being mugged etc. , are you sure OK to take girl back to Amari Hotel through the day/night, do I tell the staff at hotel.
    Can you recommend safe GOGO bar to pick up girl

  • Grant

    All this is true. It is just too easy along Beach Road prom in Pattaya. Take your pick. Bummer when a storm comes in and dumps

  • mike

    I have never got mugged but if yoiu get pissed up and walk down beach road in eary hours you could be . My advice is be sensible dont get drunk if you want to pick up girls dont flash lots of cash and only take out what you need for the night . And just cos your talking to a girl you dont have to take them back to your hotel shop around there are thousands to choose from . One scam i came across was the girl said she would be very happy if we went to ko samui for three days of course she would you would have to pay her for three days only once had that. EVERY other one really friendly and happy lots of laughing . So just keep all valuables in your safe and be sensible .Have heard some hotels charge extra for guests jusxt google girl friendly hotels pattaya .Its great fun out there and so are the girls DON T worry TAKE A MATE IF YOUR STILL A BIT NERVOUS the girls arent like english or european girls completely different culture HAVE FUN

  • jigar

    no 1 video abt girls pattaya beach road. no one posted such video before. very useful then reading and watching horific stories abt pattaya.

  • nick

    Hi I am not long back from my 1st trip to Pattaya, had a f—king fantastic time already planning my next trip end Sept. , hotel great, Baby Dolls AGO GO WOW! , Windmill Ago go, lost count of girls I was with , no trouble what so ever, would love to live there, even went for Soapy massage, Pattaya is a crazy place , I just can not stop smiling when I think of my holiday there

  • phomsanuk

    Where are these 100 baht rooms please?

  • 4hourMike

    The rooms that the girls are referring to are located at the PS Guesthouse on Soi 13/1 also called Soi Yamato. The 100 baht rate is for a short-time.

  • Josh

    Cheers Mike thanks for the heads up, only thing is you cant check for stretch marks like in the bars ,but definitly looks like an option

  • S.kumar

    pattaya is like a heaven on earth. if you want to relex from busy life, you should go 4 holidays for some days to pattaya, i hope you feel………….wow

  • Babu

    I am going to pattaya for 4 days from June 2 till June 6th. This video is very useful. I will try beach girls and share you my experience.

  • 4hourMike

    Babu, Thanks, I’m glad you liked the video. Send us a trip report when you get back.

  • CARL

    dude,is aya boutique girl friendly???

  • 4hourMike

    Carl, The Aya Boutique will allow you to bring one girl to your room free of charge, but if you bring more than one they will charge for the “extra” girls. So, unless you’re planning a threesome, it’s girl-friendly. Click here to book a room at the best price.

  • Tony

    Great video, and I can confirm their validity, I had a ball

  • 4hourMike

    Thanks Tony, Ya gotta love em!

  • Chuck

    Your the man Mike.. I am leaving America for a couple months in January, and although I was going to go to Argentina, I think I will go here instead. If I wasn’t going there this year, I would of gone next year. I have ALWAYS wanted to go to that place. I will ABSOLUTELY use the links on your site to register for the hotels, as you requested.

    I two quick questions though.. 1) where do you find the absolute hottest girls at? (I would assume strictly in the Go-Go).. I like 18-20 year-olds.

    2) How do those women feel about 3 or 4 ways? (all girls and me). Is this something that ‘works’ with the women there?

    3) This is not a question.. but you reserve a medal and a place in the hall of fame of whoring for all your good work sir!! GREAT job!

  • 4hourMike

    Chuck, Thanks for the compliments. There are hot girls all over town, but you can’t beat the Walking Street Go Go Bars for the best. You can always count on Peppermint, Airport, Bacarra, and Sapphire. If you’re looking to party with two or three at once, check out the girls at Windmill. They are always up for just about anything you can imagine. It can really be a blast, like your own private party.

    I occasionally like to take a bunch of them out to some of the all Thai discos around town. The girls will show you where they are. You’ll be the only farang in the place. Afterwards, the girls are so appreciative. But, keep in mind, these threesomes and foursomes can get expensive. You have to pay all of the bar fines and, of course, the girls fees. Then there’s the food and drinks.

    Another great time is to just bring two or three of them up to your room. Have a couple of bottles of liquor and some soft drinks on hand. Get yourself a CD player and some music. They are Go Go girls after all. They will dance for you and carry on as long as the booze and music holds out. I’ve had some great times with the girls. If you get to know them, you can invite them up before 7 pm and you won’t even have to pay a bar fine. They’ll just call in sick. But, they’re working girls, after all, and you always have to pay the girls.

    Enjoy your trip!

  • Chuck

    Thank you so much Mike.

    I have just one more question.. do you think it would be better to rent an apartment or a hotel for the 6-8 weeks I will be there (3rd week Jan through first week March).

    I would like to get a place where I would not have to pay an extra ‘fee’ each time a girl comes back to the room. I also don’t much in the form of luxury, just some place that is clean and is safe. Preferrably close enough to walk from walking street (is this asking too much?)

    thanks again Mike

  • G-Ball

    Mike the Man!

    Cheers brother for the informative video. Sure I’ve been to Bangkok, Samui and Phuket but nobody told me about this place…what the f*&k! Your video really shows how easy it really is. Couple of questions:

    1. Best Disco to pick up Freelancers? (I like to dance)
    2. Is long time really a long time in Pattaya, if so what kind of time frame are we looking at?
    3. If I bring back 3 separate girls within say a 6 hour period, will the “girl friendly” hotel charge me or is mainly if your going for 2 girls at once?

    Cheers mate for your super collaboration of awsomeness! I’ll take my own video footage so you can post when I’m there and speaking of that…..

    …..anybody who wants to go in March 2013 and meet up there, please let me know. I’m from Melbourne Australia!

    See ya there Mike:)

  • 4hourMike

    Chuck, I suggest that you book into a hotel for a few days while you check things out. There are lots of serviced apartments available for a long stay of a month or more. Just google pattaya serviced apartments. Also, most of the hotels will cut you a special deal for a long stay.

  • 4hourMike

    G-Ball, For discos, check out Lucifer’s and Insomnia, both on Walking Street. I prefer Insomnia because it’s cheaper. Both have plenty of freelancers available. The discos really don’t get going good until after midnight.

    A “long time” in Pattaya is all night. The girls don’t leave until they’ve taken care of you in the morning. You’ll see them rolling out of the hotels around 11am.

    You can have a whole parade of girls coming in and out of your room as long as it’s one of the friendly hotels on my list. The only chain that charges extra for 2 at once is the LK chain of hotels.

  • mike

    How much is long time or overnight at my hotel room ? Was this video filmed in 1980? Thats the date on the video.

  • Tony

    I am not sure which is the best, coconut bar or pbg, both places have great girls. I will be back.

  • 4hourMike

    mike, most of the girls on Beach Road only want short time. You’ll just have to negotiate. But remember that you can get a walking street go go girl for long time for 1,500 baht. So a freelancer is less. Start with the standard 500 baht and see where it goes from there. I can’t figure out how to change the time stamp on my camera. This video was shot in April 2010.

  • Chuck

    Hello Mike,

    How are the internet services out there? Do any of the hotels on your list offer wifi service that your familiar with?

    I work frequently using the internet and I need a highspeed connection (preferrably). Can you offer any advice?

    thank you in advance

  • Chuck


    One more quick question. Do the serviced apartments for monthly rent allow you to bring girls back there freely and w/o charging extra, or is it the same scenario as hotels, where some do and some don’t. I will just rent a hotel for a few days off of you list (as you suggested) and then find a serviced apartment when I am there I suppose. Also, what are the odd’s of places being over-booked and me not being able to find a decent apartment? Thanks again

  • 4hourMike

    Chuck, High Speed internet is available all over Pattaya. All of the hotels offer free wifi, although a few are rather slow. There are many, many, internet shops with high speed connections where you can get on for about 20 baht per hour.

  • 4hourMike

    Serviced long-stay apartments are generally girl friendly. Nevertheless, ask before you commit to rent one. Things get super crowded during the week of New Year’s Eve. But, by the time you get here, it should be clearing out a bit and getting back to normal. There is plenty of housing in Pattaya and you shouldn’t have a problem. Do your homework. Contact a few places before you get to town. Google “Pattaya serviced apartments”. Get some places lined up to see as soon as you hit town.

  • Chuck

    thank you VERY much. I really appreciate it.

  • Rohit

    pleas tell me details of pataya girls for night work

  • 4hourMike

    Rohit, we do not provide girls on this website. We just review the clubs and entertainment venues. Read our reviews, visit the clubs, and you’ll have no problem finding girls.


    Hi Mike GREAT JOB! Do you know how muck a live in girl that cooks, cleans and gives male pleasure would be. Or do you know what sites to look at?

  • 4hourMike

    Markaol, Check out this website: ThaiLoveLinks.

  • Markaol

    Hi Mike, Thanks for the site but i’m looking for a lady to clean and no relation towards the M word. I have a lady that already ok with a little pleasure for me too. She even joins in from time to time. I’m a lucky man as it is. No releationship required.

  • sanjeev

    Hi Mike, thanks for this awesome site, please tell me can i find freelance girl on beach road before 3 PM.

  • 4hourMike

    sanjeev, Yes you can find freelancers before 3 PM. There just aren’t as many to choose from.

  • been to Patts 14 times…beach girls are the best…also 7/11′s and karoke joints…met a girl at a bus stop on hwy 36…banged her right there for 300..and finished up just as the bus pulled up…sent her on her way…can also use the rest rooms??

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