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Pattaya Girls of Beach Club

Pattaya Beach ClubThe Beach Club is one of those Pattaya gogo bars that I usually pass up on Soi 15 as I’m making my way down to Babydolls A GoGo. I’ve been in there a few times, but the other night I received an invitation from one their Pattaya girls that I just couldn’t refuse. Her name was Nui.

I literally bumped into Nui as I was ordering my Nong Kai from a street vender on the Soi. A lot of Pattaya girls stop at the street venders on Soi 15 on their way into work. Nui must have been running late because she was all decked out in her gogo costume ready to go. I couldn’t resist starting up a conversation with her.

She told me that she was one of the show

This Patttaya girl puts on a great show at Beach Club.

This Pattaya girl puts on a great show at Beach Club.

girls at The Beach Club and that if I wanted to see more of her, I should go to the club. Well, who am I to refuse such a cordial invitation from such a gorgeous Pattaya girl?

So, a few short minutes later, I found myself inside the Beach Club. This Pattaya GoGo is set up as a table dance club. It’s basically running along the same theme as Beaver’s on Walking Street. The Beach Club is much larger, though. They have big tables set up all around the room with reflective tops and brass poles.

If you want to get some great up-skirt views, the Pattaya girls at the Beach Club are happy to oblige. Besides the reflective table tops, there are small spotlights that shine up threw the girls legs to enhance your viewing enjoyment. The best part is that the girls themselves don’t wear panties.

I had a hard time trying to decide whether to look directly up at the girls dancing or down at the reflection in the tabletop. Either way it’s a great view. I guess when Nui said I could see more of her, she wasn’t kidding.

All of the Pattaya girls at The Beach Club wear the same costumes with matching boots. On this particular night, they were all wearing these high white boots with gigantic soles that make the girls seem much taller than they really are.

After a short while, my newfound Pattaya girl friend, Nui, appeared at my table. She was looking just as good as she did outside. But, I noticed right away that her costume wasn’t the same as the other dancers. She explained that she had a different costume because she was a show girl, not an ordinary dancer. She said that it was a “sexy” show that I would like.

We chatted for a while and I bought her a lady drink. It turns out that Nui is from Chiang Mai and has been in Pattaya for 3 months.

She just had time to finish her drink before the show began. As the show started, a whole new bunch of Pattaya girls came out from the back room. Wow, what a bunch of stunners. They all proceeded to their various tables. Nui arranged to get the table where I was sitting.

What a great show! It only took these Pattaya girls a couple of minutes to get totally naked as they danced. Nui was great. As she removed each article of clothing, she gently tossed it down to me. By the end of the first dance number, I had a nice little collection of Nui’s clothes.

Once the Pattaya girls of the Beach Club were totally nude, they proceeded to do several erotic and exotic dance routines that had every guy in the place glued to the action.

The best part came at the end when the show concluded. Nui came back to my table to collect both me and her clothes.

If you haven’t been to the Beach Club, you should definitely check it out. It deserves a regular visit every now and then. The girls there are certainly friendly enough. They have some real stunners there. Bar fine is 600 baht and drinks are in line with other bars in the Walking Street area. Happy hour is actually pretty cheap.

Enjoy the show and say hi to Nui for me.

7 comments to Pattaya Girls of Beach Club

  • batuhan

    heyyyy beach club. i am batuu how are u?? we miss beach club. we are turkey groups? you remember me? we love pattaya beach club. everyone says hi. kiss

  • PHILIP Price

    I would like to thank the owners of the beach club im a good friend of Pascal,the owner of casa pascal.
    Very good service,toilets very clean girls are very lovely indeed.
    Looking forward to seeing you all soon in may.

  • Paul

    Hello everyone at beach club,, i was there at christmas 2010,,were have all the regular girls that work there gone???
    anybody help!!!

  • wal

    I asked the same question the girls and they were unable to answer, only very few regulars are left

  • Paul

    Yea Wal, u will get that as they dont like to loose customers to another club.There all gone to happy,baccara,cavern,peppermint,,

  • paul

    Does any body know were Hostess Aor has gone from the Beach Club, Great lady!!!
    any ideas ???

  • Mark hobourn

    Hello beach club will see all you beautiful girls very soon
    i arrive in pattaya about 10.30pm wednesday night

    Cant wait girls see you all soon 555+

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