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Pattaya Girls of Honey Body Massage

Honey Body MassageYes friends, the beloved Honey Inn of Pattaya is no more. It has been totally remodeled and has re-opened as the Honey Body Massage. A new entrance brightens up Soi 11 and the new Pattaya girls that work there will wear you out with their expert body massage techniques. Let me tell you, it has been a change for the better!

Many of our site visitors used to spend their Pattaya holidays at the old Honey Inn. In fact, we had formerly listed the Honey as one of the best Pattaya hotels under 1000 baht. Imagine my surprise when I walked down Soi 11 and discovered something totally new in its place.

New entrance to Honey Body MassageIn fact, I glanced both left and right and walked up and down the Soi a couple of times looking for the old Honey. Sure enough, the old hotel had disappeared. The old entrance is still there but it has been spruced and bears a new sign. The whole facade has been upgraded. At the west end of the building they’ve made a totally new grand entryway and parking lot.

The change actually took place back in June and the darling damsels of Honey Body Massage have been pounding out the massages ever since. They have some pretty nice looking ladies available for your enjoyment and relaxation.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Pattaya body massage, let me clue you in on how it works. In the case of Honey Body Massage, you enter through the main entrance on the west side of the building. Upon entry you will be greeted by one of the tuxedo wearing Thai hosts that run this fine establishment.

The main viewing area is set up much like a fancy night club. There are seats and tables set up along the right side of the room as well as some chairs set up right up close to the glass partition that separates the customers from the girls.

The ladies of Honey Massage all sit behind a glass partition. The room is quite large and runs the entire length of the building. The girls sit there making eyes at you and primping and fancying themselves. Some are well dressed and others are in various stages of undress. All of these body massage babes look great.

Now you can sit yourself down and order a drink or you can get right to the task of picking out one of these Pattaya lassies to loosen you up. I personally went right to picking one out. There she sat with a big number 44 pinned right to her. What a stunner! It only took about 30 seconds to see that we were made for each other. Ah yes, love at first sight.

Now guys, there are two models to choose from. There are the ordinary girls and there are the stunners. The ordinary girls go for 1600 and the stunners are 1800. The price is all inclusive. The body massage experience lasts for 90 minutes.

Once I made my pick my little darling came out from behind the glass to escort me to the payment counter. The payment counter is actually the old front desk of the Honey Inn. You pay the fare up front and your lovely lady escorts you upstairs to the room.

The rooms are luxurious to say the least. There is marble everywhere. The tubs are huge and the beds are deluxe. There is a flat panel TV mounted on the wall with surround sound. You can request music or videos. There is also a large couch at one end of the room with a small coffee table.

As soon as you enter, a waitress will appear to take your drink orders. This is where you can really run up the tab. The drinks are expensive, especially if you order something for your girl… and how can you not? At any rate, it’s nice to sip a drink while your girl prepares the bath.

The girls take it real slow at this stage. Don’t expect to just pounce on your girl right off the bat. This is not just a short-time. It takes a while to get the tub filled. Meanwhile you chat and get to know your new Pattaya partner.

The first stage of your massage involves taking a nice hot bath with your sweet little naked Pattaya miss. She will pamper you and primp you and basically sponge every part of your body until you’re going crazy, ready to pop at any moment. But she won’t let that happen, not yet. While all this is going on you’ll have a chance to cop a feel and get to know your date-for-the-day a little better.

The next stage of your body massage starts in a basin just to the side of the tub where the actual massage takes place. Your girl will bring out a rubber mattress, kind of like an air mattress that you would use at the beach or pool. She lays it down in the basin and then helps you lay down on it, face down at first.

That’s when the fun begins. She brings out some soapy scented potions and spreads the suds all over you. Then she jumps on board and literally uses her body to massage your body. There are legs and arms and tits and butt and pussy sliding up and down all over the place and god it’s hard to tell just how the hell she’s doing what she’s doing, but it feels great!

Then she turns you over and starts again. I don’t remember how long this stage lasted… I was in a zone by this time. Once again she keeps you right on the brink of exploding. Man, there’s nothing quite like having a beautiful naked girl slithering and sliding up and down on you in Pattaya.

After your Honey girl has properly rinsed you and toweled you down, the next stage of the massage takes place on the king-sized bed. That’s where the fine filly from Honey finally gets you off. Yes, she will fuck your brains out and leave you with weak knees. I was so blown away afterwards, that I put my shirt on inside out. I could barely walk out of the place.

This is one experience you have to do while in Pattaya! You won’t regret it.

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65 comments to Pattaya Girls of Honey Body Massage

  • Rocky

    guys even I liked Honey at 1st time and I enjoyed. I went again for that girl but fell for another girl with Tag 122. She had good figure and all. Till massage every thing was okay but after that on bed she started cribbing and would not allow to touch her body. She had all kinds of problems with men and was telling me to touch my girl friend if I wanted as she was not one. I finally let it go as I sensed that she is forced or something and took pity on her. I did not enjoy so much as I did 1st time. Although, I paid 2500 bahts for this girl, which was wasted.
    Guys I want to tell you is that many girls do it out of compulsion and circumstances. It all depends what you fall into.
    Yes many thai people have disliking about indians, when they still make money out of them. Dilip is right as many Pattaya people criticize indians.
    If you don’t want your money wasted, you guys can complain officially to the guys wearing suit with walkie talkies as they run honey.

  • sawan

    I was wondering that anybody can help me out with the safety side of it……means How safe the sex and the blue lebel girls in Honey from HIV test point of view….do they go for a weekly medical test or how it is ?????

  • andrew

    is it open from 14th to the 17th April 2012

  • nitish

    this time i was in pattaya for 4 nights and every night i was at honey.. took 4 different babes everytime.. 153 (mona), 170 (nisha – semi indian punjabi), 36 and 2 more… all were unique in themselves. I wanna visit the place more often if it can happen. Long Live Honey

  • 4hourMike

    nitish, Thanks for your comment. A guy could easily spend his whole vacation at Honey. It’s a great place!

  • kellys

    hi I was in pattaya and visited honey massage tahe no 91 it was real good

  • 4hourMike

    kellys, Thanks for the update!

  • sonal

    i want to come there…

  • sam

    Is it open during the month of May ? Thanx :)

  • 4hourMike

    Sam, Honey Body Massage is open year round.

  • aakash

    honey is a beautiful fucking palace , it is a heaven and most enjoyable place in the world.

  • Satya

    Hey I visited Honey a couple of times n enjoyed my tim wid Noki..
    C is awsum Is she thr nw??

  • Pankaj Patel

    Mona darling namber 34 honey1 body massage
    Parlor is good and body massage fuking best I miss you
    please my email contact ok bye byeeeee

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