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Free Food at Tiger Club Pattaya

Tiger Go Go PattayaI’m a sucker for free food. That’s why I stopped into the Tiger Club last week. They have a free buffet on Saturday nights. It’s their party night. Last Saturday it was early in the evening when I decided to check it out. In fact, it was probably no more than 8:30 pm when I climbed the stairs and entered the Tiger Go Go.

I really don’t go into the Tiger Club very often. It’s right on Walking Street on the left hand side. You can’t miss it. They always have a bunch of girls out front handing out coupons.

As you walk in through the doorway from the stairs, the room stretches straight back. There’s bench seating on both sides of the room. Around the room are a series of small dancing stages where the girls entertain you in various stages of undress. Naturally, I headed straight back through the club, back to where they had the buffet set up. I was hungry.

I’ll be honest with you. The buffet at Tiger Club isn’t much by Pattaya standards. Nothing at all like some of the fantastic spreads of food that you see at some of the Pattaya beer bar parties. Like for instance, Rosco’s beer bar has a fantastic buffet on party nights.

Hey, but it’s free food, right? Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Even though they had a meager selection, it was tasty, I’ll admit. They had chicken wings and a couple of Thai curries with rice. That was about it. But actually that was enough. I filled a plate with wings, added some curry and rice, and headed for an empty seat.

There’s something about watching a naked Pattaya gogo dancer that just makes my food taste better. So after watching a couple of dancers, I got to thinking, “This food is great!”  There they were, shaking their booties, and me stuffing my face. Things were starting to look up. The Tiger girls are way better looking than the Tiger buffet.

The girls at Tiger Club were really polite and waited until I was finished with my meal before they started coming around and asking for drinks. There is a certain amount of pressure at the Tiger to buy lady drinks.  At least it seems to me like there’s pressure on buffet night.

Nevertheless, they have some really good looking Pattaya girls that dance at Tiger. In fact, I met a couple of Tiger girls that would qualify as real stunners. There’s one skinny girl in there that I can’t take my eyes off.  Sorry guys, I didn’t get any pictures, but I promise some photos in an upcoming post.

The Tiger connects via a walkway with the Shark next door. You can go from one club to the other, but the girls have to keep to their own territories.

Like most go go bars in Pattaya, the girls rotate from one stage to another so you get a good view of them all. Believe me when I say it’s a great view!

I’d recommend the Tiger. I think it’s worth a stop-in every now and then. Tiger Club received a 3 Star rating on our Pattaya Go Go ratings and reviews page.

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