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Pattaya Addicts Party at Sapphire Club

Pattaya Addicts PartySapphire Club Agogo was rockin last night as the club hosted the Pattaya Addicts celebration of their fourth anniversary on the web. The Pattaya girls of Sapphire, known for their hospitality, welcomed the boys in with open arms. The party was open to the public and the place got packed with punters early. It was an incredible event.

At the start of festivities, a box was passed around the room to collect donations for prize money. The boys had plenty of fun and games in store and they wanted to make sure that there was plenty of motivation for the Sapphire girls to participate.  The Pattaya Addicts are a generous lot and from what I could tell, a fair amount of cold cash was collected.

Upstairs on the second floor, where the pool table is located, they had a fine buffet set up for the crowd. There was beef, pork, chicken, stuffed mashed potatoes, rolls, soup, fruit and more. It was a generous spread of food that was enjoyed by the addicts as well as the Sapphire girls. The buffet was strategically located right by the stairs leading down from the short-time rooms on the third floor. Many a hungry punter enjoyed a bite of beef on his way down from the rooms. After all, a good short time can really build up an appetite.

As the evening progressed, shots were belted down, beer was consumed in large quantities, lady drinks were enjoyed, and hands-on activities ruled the scene. By 11pm it was standing room only as the specially planned party games began to take place.

There were several inspiring performances during the night, but my favorite event was the Pattaya Addicts version of musical chairs. Who thought this one up? First, as you might imagine, the contestants in the event consisted of eight totally naked and totally gorgeous Sapphire girls. They were ushered onto the stage which provided the playing field, so to speak.

Here’s the fun part… there were no chairs at all in this game of musical chairs. Instead of chairs, they lined up eight punters strategically placed around the stage. Each guy then put his back to the stage, leaned back, and placed the back of his head on the stage so that he was looking up. Do you get the picture?

According to the rules, the music plays and the girls dance and cavort around the stage until the music stops. At this point each girl has to find a face to sit on. That’s right, it was muff-in-face for the lucky chair boys. Believe me, this was some good fun!

As each round progressed, one chair/head was removed from the stage and the girl left standing was removed from the game. Well, it only took about two rounds before the girls caught on to the game and really started getting competitive. They were jumping for the faces, legs and ass cheeks spread, screaming all the way down.

It finally got down to the last two girls with just one face left to sit on. This time when the music stopped, both girls went flying ass-first for the guy’s head. I thought the poor bastard was going to get decapitated!

Luckily, girl number 40 overshot her landing and wound up sprawled out amongst the customers at the edge of the stage. Meanwhile, the winner had stuffed her pussy square on our hapless guy’s face. A good time was had by all. Prize money was disbursed and the happy winner pranced around the room naked with her fist of money held high.

The Pattaya Addicts throw a party like this every year. Look forward to another next December. Sapphire Club is located on Soi 15 right across the street from Angelwitch. They have a good bunch of girls there and it’s a fun place, even when there’s no party. I recommend it. You won’t be disappointed. Sapphire is rated a perfect 5 Stars on our Pattaya Go Go 2011 ratings.

6 comments to Pattaya Addicts Party at Sapphire Club

  • Johnnp

    Best party Pattaya has seen in years. I arrived about 20.45 and it was heaving. Had to pop out to see a nfriend and went back around 00.30 expecting it to have died a death like most parties tend to do as people move on. Not a chance, it was still packed to the rafters.

  • 4hourMike

    You’ve got that right, John, the stairway up to the short time rooms was getting a workout. The place rocked all night. Leave it to the addicts to do it right!

  • mark hobourn

    4 Hour mike do you know the name of the girl on the far left of the main web page on sapphire there are 4 girls standing i love the one on the left hand side you might be able to email me or leave a message on this web site cheers, mark

  • 4hourMike

    Sorry, mark, the girl you’re asking about doesn’t work at Sapphire. The last time I saw her was at the Tahitian Queen, but she’s not there now either. My guess is that she’s back up in Issan with a couple of kids and a Thai boyfriend, but who knows? The girls come and go.

  • mark hobourn

    Thanks 4hour mike,ill still be going to sapphire in oct 18 anyway by the looks of how many beautiful girls that work ther,im sure ill find one just as good as her,can you take them back to your own hotel or do you have to take them shortime upstairs only!!

  • 4hourMike

    mark, you pay the bar fine and you can take them anywhere you want, “up to you”.

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