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Trip Report: Honey Body Massage Pattaya

Honey Body Massage Pattaya

Honey Body Massage will rock your world

What is a soapie? This is an ultimate experience like no other and after finally trying it myself I believe the English Government should start preparing a syllabus for a new NVQ qualification (at least level 3). It is all there my friends. If you’ve ever wondered what heaven looks like, the truth is out there!

Upon arrival at Honey Body Massage we were greeted by the manager, Tee (Chinese born in Thailand), who wanted to explain to us what was about to happen. We already knew that (following your recommendation) so Tee led us to the next room with a huge fishbowl on both sides. I don’t know how many girls were there, the highest number I have seen was 130.

When the girls saw us they suddenly started smiling and waving. They all had numbers tagged to their dresses: red – 1800B and blue – 2500B. First thing you will notice is that among those beauties many have really nice, firm, big breasts, which is uncommon for Asian girls (at least that is what I always thought). Mike, there is a new number 44 and she is hot (my choice, she said she works there just 6 weeks, Tom took 13 and after said she was worth it).

After picking we went to reception to pay and our girls took us upstairs. Dea took me to the room 315. The room was really, really nice. It is hard to believe that it was a under 1000B hotel! After a few minutes waitress appeared bringing our stuff (160B for a bottle of Tiger and Chicken soup for Dea, 40B tip as she had no change). Dea was 27 and slightly chubby, but she had those lovely, blue ‘eyes’ (32 D at least).

She started preparing a bath and the first 15 minutes we spent talking. Then, she stood in front of me and slowly stripped (like in a strip club in America, only this time I had a first row VIP seat!). I’m tellin ya guys: She got a drop on me. Caught those full on the face. Those were guns Bart be dead! She had a big box with lots of liquids and gels, and that amazing, pink Hello Kitty shower cup.

After she cleaned me in a bath (if I was small she could have competed with my mum!) we moved onto the air mattress. She was all over me and after a few minutes I was ‘on a verge of toppling’, ready to explode and then hand out a big tip begging for a second chance! Fortunately (or not), she noticed that and stopped for a minute. The soapie part took about 20 minutes and I am going to remember each and every second of it!

After finishing the bath/soapie part, we took a shower and progressed to the final part, which Dea proudly announced by saying: ‘Now we will do sex’. It gives me lots of fun to teach them some English. If she remembers, I believe the next guy is going to hear: ‘And now I am going to take you to the Land of Smiles:)’. I finished my beer and we talked for a few minutes. When she jumped on me I knew I am not going to last long so I asked her to go slowly. Dea smiled and replied: ‘Why not’. I have to say, I was fighting like a tiger but the die has been cast. After lasting about 15 minutes (at most) I finished and my darling cuddled and kissed me.

We spent another 15 minutes talking about her work and life (mine too). Then, we dressed up, I gave her 200B tip and we went downstairs. When we got to reception Tom was already waiting there. Dea said: ‘You can kiss me goodbye’ and off she went. Tee was there and asked if everything was ok. We shook his hand and said: ‘We had a great time and you’ve got another positive opinion on the web and happy customers who will certainly return.’

An ancient Roman poet, Terence, wrote: ‘I am human being. I consider nothing human to be alien to me’. I don’t think he had a chance to try a soapie. But you do!!! So, when you come to Thailand, don’t ponder, just do it! It’s like riding a bicycle, you will never forget it!!!

NOTE: The foregoing Trip Report was submitted by Bart, a frequent visitor and commenter on this site. He and the boys just got back from a two week Pattaya holiday.

6 comments to Trip Report: Honey Body Massage Pattaya

  • 4hourMike

    Great trip report, Bart. You can’t go wrong at Honey Body Massage. I’m glad you guys had a good trip. Keep the reports coming. Got any good pics?

  • Jag

    Hi Mike, I waned to write a trip report on my last week trip and not finding appropriate section on your website. Pls eamil back to me with appropriate link or give me your email ID. I will send you the report…


  • 4hourMike

    Jag, awesome, I look forward to your trip report. Good point, I need a “submit” form for the trip reports. I’ll get right on it… coming soon. For now, you can submit your trip report as a comment. That’s how Bart and the other guys did it. I’ll pull it from the comment section and make it a full blow post. If you have photos, upload them to and just give me the imgur url of the photo and I’ll show the photo right in your report.


    a very nice report infact. i had been to PP massage last year. i m back in patts next month and will be heading for honey this time for sure

  • Great report, thanks! Soapies rock!

  • anand

    123 no in honey massage parlour

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