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Pattaya Girls of Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar Pattaya

Sugar Sugar Pattaya

The Pattaya Girls that dance at Sugar Sugar are some of the most gorgeous and classy girls in the LK Metro Entertainment area. The hostesses aren’t bad either. In fact, I’d say that the lineup of Pattaya Girls at Sugar Sugar is as good as you’ll get anywhere in Pattaya.

Sugar Sugar Pattaya opened in July 2011 and over the past few months it’s become one of the best clubs on Soi LK Metro. I’ve been in and out of the club a bunch of times now and it’s always been a pleasure. Prices are reasonable and the girls are hot.

This Pattaya go go bar is located right on the corner of Soi Buakhaow and Soi LK.

It’s directly across the street from Club Blue. In fact, I understand that ownership of the two bars is somehow connected. For those of you that are familiar with this side of town, Sugar Sugar is located where the old Liquid Lounge used to operate. Boy, is this place a huge improvement over the now defunct Liquid Lounge.

Pattaya Girl of Sugar Sugar

"You can leave your hat on."

The entrance is on the Soi Buakhaow side of the building. As soon as you walk through the door, you get a sense of class and sophistication. The guys who did the remodeling on this place must have spent a bundle. The décor is black and gold and is upscale to what you see in the other clubs in this part of town. The sound and lighting are first class.

The dancers usually wear some type of gold outfit to compliment the surroundings. When the club first opened back in July, there was some question whether it was going to be a gogo bar or another coyote bar. For you first timers, a gogo bar features nudity and a coyote bar doesn’t. Well, it turns out that it is a gogo bar, but unfortunately, it doesn’t feature much nudity.

Some of the Pattaya Girls of Sugar Sugar will dance topless. They have some special shows where the girls are topless, but don’t expect to see naked girls parading around like they do at Champagne A Go Go just a block away. The girls are conservative in that respect and this is NOT a hands-on bar. Nevertheless, the girls are hot and they are not shy once they get back to your room. Bar fine is 600 for the dancers and 700 for the show girls.

My favorite show at Sugar Sugar is what I call the “hat dance”. This show drives me crazy. It’s a dance routine that features just one girl and she dances to that old Joe Cocker song, “You Can Leave Your Hat On”. The girl that usually does this dance is a sex bomb that I can’t resist. She comes onto the stage wearing a suit jacket, high heels, g-string, and hat. Joe Cocker starts pounding out the lyrics:

“Baby take off your coat
Real Slow
And take off your shoes
I’ll take off your shoes
Take off your dress
Yes,Yes, Yes
You can leave your hat on.”

As Joe Cocker is banging it out, the dancer is taking it off and it’s a pleasure to behold. She moves up and down the stage, tips her hat down low, and struts her stuff. Look out guys, she’s irresistible. She finally gets down to just a g-string and the hat.

She reaches down and starts to take off the g-string. All eyes are on her and every guy in the bar is leaning forward to get a better view. Every dick in the place is hard by now. She takes it off!
BUT, what’s this? There’s another, different colored g-string underneath.

Sugar Sugar Girl

Sugar is sweet in Pattaya

That’s right, it’s a tease. She continues to dance and she continues taking off the g-strings. She must have on six or seven g-strings, all different colors, and each time she takes one off, you think that this is the last one. It drives everybody in the bar crazy. As she takes off each g-string she throws it out into the crowd. So, if you’re sitting up front like I usually do, you can catch one. Then she’ll come around after the show to collect her g-string from you.

I couldn’t wait for her to come around so I could buy her a lady drink, bar fine the sweet young thing, and head back to my place.

So you see, you can have a lot of fun at Sugar Sugar even though there’s not a lot of nudity. As I mentioned above, the hostesses are hot too. They wear fancy cocktail dresses as they circulate throughout the club. I was told that are are two short time rooms on premises, but I haven’t checked them out. They open early around 6:00 pm. Check this one out, guys, I recommend it and it’s definitely worth a visit.

Here’s a video of Joe Cocker you might enjoy…No Dancer, use your imagination…

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